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MPC Model
1904 Darracq

This is a beautiful build-up of the MPC 1904 Darracq by a talented model-maker and painter. The MPC model pictured above is a little over 4" long, and the model-maker's artistry transformed the bag of plastic parts into this beauty that's accurate right down to the license plate and nameplate.

"Genevieve" as a drag car? The people at MPC models must have thought they could interest more kids in their kit by offering extra parts to allow its conversion into a dragster... but, really!
Do you prefer the "classic version" (right) or the "drag strip speed merchant version" (left)?


Another view of a build-up of the MPC kit by modelmaker Bruce Holroyd.

Believe it or not, these kits still turn up with regularity on eBay, so if you find one and want a build-up, Contact Bruce.

Perfectly Charming

A tiny, traditional English silver charm-bracelet "Genevieve" that even lets you have a look under the hood. That's a U.S. penny serving as the charm's support.

Airfix Model

The Airfix kit was made in the UK (The MPC kit, with its "drag racer" variation, could only have come from the USA). It is almost incomprehensible that the jumble of red plastic in the bag at right could be painstakingly assembled and painted to create the beautiful build-up seen above and below.

This Airfix kit is roughly the same size as the MPC kit above (which is quite small indeed; the photo at left includes an American Quarter to indicate its size). This particular kit was missing a wheel! The model maker used molding compound to make front and back impression of one of the three wheels included, then used epoxy resin material to fill each impression. When this hardened, he removed the newly formed replacement tire halves - then filed, sanded and smoothed them to create the fourth tire "from scratch."


Above: the  Charbens Miniature Genevieve.

Above: The Matchbox Model of the Spyker seen in the film.

The large children's pedal car at left was made in 1953, no doubt in response to the movie's immense popularity.

Commemorative Envelopes

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