London to Brighton 2000

The 2000 Run    
A few months after I began the "Genevieve" site, David Burgess-Wise -- a noted  motoring historian, author, and journalist -- wrote to kindly offer corrections and additional information. We began an e-mail correspondence. 

David informed me that Genevieve would be an entrant in the 2000 Run and wrote that he might be able to obtain press credentials for me. This was far too good to pass up, and so I hopped a plane in New York and flew to London to see the Run.

I expected it to be wonderful, and it was. Little did I know that David's kindness would turn out to be the first of many. David says "I was born lucky," and I can't argue with him.

David Burgess-Wise (left) on an earlier London-to-Brighton Run in his 1903 DeDion Bouton.
My luck had everything to do with David's encouragement... and to a group of extraordinarily generous people… including Mary and Bill Ellam, Clive Hawley and his family, Anthony Roberts, and David Potts. Thanks to their many kindnesses, I found myself viewing the Run not from the side of the road as expected, but rather from a most remarkable vantage point… the red leather back seat of Bill and Mary Ellam's beautiful 1903 Darracq.    
As a side-of-the-road observer, I would have been able to report anonymously on the 2000 London-to-Brighton. But - literally overnight - I  was transformed from self-styled reporter to full-fledged participant…  passenger, to be accurate… in the 2000 Run.

And so this section of the site recounts my  personal experience of the 2000 London-to-Brighton. 

If what happened to me on the 2000 Run had happened to someone in a movie… you'd never believe it. All screenwriting manuals suggest avoiding the plot device of "the impossible coincidence." Yet they do happen.

Of course, many of the things that ultimately happened to me... more or less did coincide with occurrences in a movie.

"Genevieve," of course.

The author and Genevieve at the conclusion of the 2000 London-To-Brighton Run  
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