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The Advisory Board Company
Healthcare Industry Committee  –  Insight into the clinical, financial, operational, and policy changes likely to affect hospital and health system administrators’ spending decisions now and in the future
Working Council for Health Plan Executives  –  Provides deeper understanding of the forces driving industry-wide change, growth, and demand

Shareholders Annual Reports
Annual Reports Online  –  Database - access to annual reports in their
original format
NYSE Annual Reports –  Database - program provided by participating the
NYSE listed companies (some corporations post their Shareholders Annual
Reports on their website – Search Google
Additional Shareholders Annual Reports sources

Fierce Newsletters
Fierce Biotech News, trends, and breakthroughs Subscribe
Fierce Pharma  Pharmaceutical  Industry news Subscribe
Fierce Healthcare Market trends, developments and insights Subscribe
Hospital Impact Innovation and Leadership Subscribe (on home page)

Google Alerts  – Email Delivery - Create keyword alerts for customers
(requires Google Account)  Place quotes around multi-word searches,
i.e., “Jonathan Doe” or “Southern Healthcare Service. Go to Alerts Help
Page to sharpen searches using additional keywords or “minus keywords”

Online Financial Database  –  U.S. nonprofits; annual report is a "990"
requires registration
CEO’s Blog  –  An inside look into the world of non-profit organizations

HealthLeaders Media
HealthLeaders Magazine  –  issues and trends shaping the business
of healthcare Subscribe
HealthLeaders Daily News & Analysis  –  delivers top stories each weekday

Internal Customer Publications – Check with your account. Pick up copies
during on-site visits

PRWeb Search  –  Find official press releases on organizations
and individual customers

Regional (Geographically-based) Business Publications
Alliance of Area Business Publications
Local and Regional Business Periodicals on the Web

US Lifeline 
Daily-eNews  –  online publication helps suppliers drive IDN and GPO
contracts Subscribe
The Journal of Healthcare Contracting  –  for the healthcare-contracting
community Subscribe
The Max  –  fee-based service provides real-world customer profiles,
analysis and alerts

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
EDGAR  –  (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval).  Enter
company name, click company’s CIK number,  enter “10-K” for annual,
10-Q” for quarterly, or “8-K”for required updates into “Filing Type” box
to access reports.  Information from the Shareholders’ Annual Report may be
included in Part III of the 10-K. EDGAR offers a tutorial to help you
find information you need.