Kay Kendall's 'Forbidden' Photo

The picture of Kay Kendall (left) - shot for "Genevieve" publicity - must have been deemed a little "too hot" for publicity purposes. Someone wrote "Killed, neg[ative] returned" in blue marker on the print and drew a little red squiggle, presumably to indicate precisely why the picture could not be used.

I've removed the portion of the blue lines which originally were drawn right through Kay's face in this lovely portrait. Could this be an indication of  what Ambrose was hoping to "combine" with the London-to-Brighton Run?

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And while we're on the subject...
At right is a picture of Dinah Sheridan's daughter, the lovely Jenny Hanley.

According to a British TV fan site, "It
seemed inevitable that Jenny should end up either on the stage or in politics.  As it turned out, it was brother Jeremy who opted for the latter (Conservative Party Chairman 1994-5; see below), whilst Jenny began modeling in her teens. 

She signed up with legendary agent Harry Saltzman, who cast her in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." She subsequently appeared in a number of UK Films, but it was on the TV series "Magpie" that Jenny found lasting fame. Jenny is the mother of two sons and now lives in London.

The Son Also Rises:
The Rt. Hon. Sir Jeremy Hanley
Dinah's son, The Rt. Hon. Sir Jeremy Hanley was educated at the Rugby School and began his accounting career with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Company (KPMG) as an articled clerk in 1963. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1969 and joined The Financial Training Company, which was responsible for training Chartered Accountancy trainees from 18 of the top 20 United Kingdom accountancy firms.  
He started as a Lecturer in Law and Accountancy and, over the next 20 years, rose through the managerial ranks to Deputy Chairman, having helped the company achieve a stock market flotation. He also qualified as a Certified Accountant and Chartered Secretary and Administrator in 1980. His other directorships before becoming a Government Minister included the Chairmanship of fund managers Nikko Fraser Green Ltd. After having been elected to the House of Commons in 1983 for the London constituency of Richmond & Barnes, Sir Jeremy served on a wide range of Parliamentary committees and also as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister for the Civil Service and the Arts (now Lord Luce) and the Secretary of State for the Environment (now European Commissioner, Chris Patten).  

In 1990, Sir Jeremy was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and served as Minister for Health & Social Services, Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Education, Arts & Sport, and, latterly, Minister for Political Development. In this latter role, he successfully chaired Strand 1 of the Northern Ireland Talks in 1992.

After his term as Minister for the Armed forces, and as Cabinet Minister without Portfolio, whilst Chairman of the Conservative Party, Sir Jeremy was responsible as Minister of State at the Foreign Office for the last two years of negotiations of the return of Hong Kong to China. Sir Jeremy is 55 years old and lives in the United Kingdom with Lady Hanley (Verna) and their three children.


Dinah Sheridan and her son,
The Rt. Hon. Sir Jeremy Hanley

Dinah Sheridan Biography from The George Formby Society
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