Hero and heroine: Bill and Mary Ellam

Bill and Mary's Darracq is a 1903 rear-entrance Tonneau -- two cylinders and 12 horsepower.
The beauty of the car? Beyond compare.
The power of the car? Easily compared.
Bill and Mary's Darracq is a tad more powerful than the snow blower I bought from Sears & Roebuck this fall, which has one cylinder that generates nine horsepower.
My new snow blower is actually more powerful than many of the cars in the run. It should also be noted - as will be made clear below - that people operating a snow blower during a blizzard are doubtless somewhat warmer and more comfortable than drivers and passengers motoring in the typical London-to-Brighton Run.

But, to return to the point, if you've got 12 horsepower to get you from London to Brighton… 12 horsepower to carry you up the difficult hills… 12 horsepower to create your acceleration from a dead stop in London traffic…  and just two cylinders to provide you with all the muscle you're ever going to have…

My "Ride" - The Ellam's gorgeous 1903 Darracq    
… how quickly would you take on the extra weight of a passenger… a six-foot stranger, at that? Bill Ellam said "yes" immediately. I remain amazed… and eternally grateful to both Bill and Mary. And when they come to America, I'm going to personally drive them out to the Montauk Point Lighthouse here on Long Island.

On my snow blower.


 My snow blower, as it might appear 
on the London-To-Brighton Run. Built in 2000,
this Sears Craftsman sadly misses eligibility 
by a full 96 years.

(Closed track; trick photo; do not attempt)

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