1935 - Welwyn Garden City. "The most willing unpaid model." (Click on any image on this page for larger versions)

Stamp on reverse: "Dinah Sheridan, Tel. Welwyn Garden 850."

Postcard Portrait from "Murder In Reverse" (1945)

The Starlet

Fashion Shot - 1950's

"Genevieve"Era Fashion Portrait

The costumes for "Genevieve" were designed by Marjorie Cornelius, wife of Director Henry Cornelius.

Another Marjorie Cornelius outfit from "Genevieve."

J. Arthur Rank Promotional Postcard

Dinah with Anthony Steel in "Where No Vultures Fly"

The Archer. Studio Lisa photo.

The reverse of the card at left.

The word Technicolor usually conjures up every vivid colour combination in the book, but not to film dress designer Marjorie Cornelius.Mrs. Cornelius has shown how effective are the subtle delicate colourings. Velvety smooth suede in warm donkey brown makes this jerkin worn by Dinah Sheridan in the film, the buttons placed wide at the top and narrowing to the waist. It is worn over a pale blue silk blouse with pointed collar and bishop sleeves." Still by Cornel Lucas.

A new portrait of lovely Dinah Sheridan, star of the Technicolor comedy "Genevieve." Still by Cornel Lucas.

George Bernard Shaw with Dinah, Summer 1937. Studio Lisa photo.

From "Where No Vultures Fly" (U.S. Title: "Ivory Hunter.")

Another "Studio Lisa" photograph, this one autographed. Anyone know just what kind of an animal that is?

From "Where No Vultures Fly" (U.S. Title: "Ivory Hunter.")